Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Monday was insane, crazy, over-the-top busy.  So today I present...Multitude Tuesday!
(Teeming Tuesday?)
Counting my blessings, one by one:
56. My chair-It's old, it's no longer beautiful, but I love it.
57. Green daffodil shoots--Spring is a long way off, but I like seeing green.
58. Two superb new recipes that we've created/adapted--Greek mac and cheese and a sausage-potato-kale soup
59. Yogurt and granola
60. Blueberries
61. Nutella
(Yes, my 10:30 lunch was a while ago, and it is not yet suppertime!)
62. Ice day with power still on!
63. Sleeping 'til 8.
64. Some potential progress a long time coming
65. Anything by Selwyn Hughes; reading Christ-Empowered Living
66. Finding good books for $1
67. Stacks of old Victoria magazines
68. Tenth Avenue North and their insightful, penetrating lyrics
69. Apologies
70. Reconnecting with a friend
What's on your list today?
Be blessed,


  1. oh, great list! so much to be thankful for!!


  2. A warm home. Good health. A good education. A job. The Scriptures. Homemade protein bars. The privilege of ministry. Good friends.

  3. Right now I give Him thanks for:
    A warm house while it snows outside.
    The smell of my husband on his pillow when he's gone away to work again.
    My five year old slipping her hand in mine.
    The girls singing 'Yahweh, Yahweh, I love to shout your name, O God' in the bath after hearing Phil Wickham in the car.
    The first snowdrops.