Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello Monday: Back to Work We Go

Hello, 5:00 am!  Other than that unfortunate day I was awake at 3:30, I haven't seen you for a few weeks.  You look...dark.
Hello, classroom! Refreshing a few anchor charts today, getting back in the groove.
Hello, lemon sugar cookies!  You are yummy and easy.  Definitely a recipe to share here.
Hello, roller-coaster weather!  We thought we were done with you.  Don't bring your friend migraine with you when you come back this week, m'kay?
Hello, retreat team!  I haven't worked one in a while, and I'm excited about you.
Hello, sink full of dishes.  Every time I turn around, there you are.
Hello, changes!  You're inevitable, I know, but I want to anticipate you with grace.
Hello, blogland!  Happy Monday to you!
Be blessed,
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  1. Happy Monday!
    It's mid-afternoon here. Another half hour and I'm off to collect the children from school. Isn't the time difference amazing? The same Sun that shines on me shines on you.
    Which it isn't, very much, today, but you get my drift.
    Have a great Monday. May your students be sweet and attentive, may your cookies taste wonderful and the changes bring more blessings than you could imagine.

  2. Happy Monday to you! Hope your New Year brings you much joy and that the weather brightens up and the migraines stay away! :)

  3. Hope your day went well. It has certainly been a beautiful one!!

  4. Hello Ginger! Hope you had a good day back to work.

    and definately hello to no migraines - :)

    hello to a great year for you!!