Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brain Break

Worst. Day.Ever. In. A. Long.Time
Insomnia, big fat mom fail, lesson plan fail, had-to-eat-school-lunch-today fail.

This afternoon, DD#2 and I picked up a stack of Victoria magazines at the library and soaked up some flowers and food and English cottages for  half an hour when a diligent teacher (who hadn't had the worst day ever) would have graded papers.
If I can't be a hobbit on days like this, Plan B is to go live in the pages of Victoria, where winter consists of fluffy throws, leather-bound books, scenic snowy walks, and hot buttered scones.  Lately, winter here means  piles of ungraded papers,car-rider duty in (southern) Siberia, and looming ice storms that threaten power outages.  (No coffee pot!  The luxurious winter photo shoot always includes coffee!)

This is the point in the post where I should say something profound about not living my life pining away for magazine pictures, or quote a Bible verse, and play a song.  
I should, but I won't.  Today I'm just tired,
 and I need to get alone with my Savior
 and show Him my bruises
 and say I'm sorry. 
 I don't think He minds that my girl and I found a bit of quiet in savoring beauty.
He created it, after all.  

Be blessed with something other than the worst day ever,


  1. Nooo. After a dismal day time spent soaking in beauty sounds like time well spent. Thinking of you, my friend across the sea.
    If it makes you feel better to compare notes, this morning began with too many snooze-button presses, lurched past a freezing start because the boiler didn't kick in, via shouting at the girls to get ready for school while trying to adjust the boiler pressure to get the heat to come on, skated along icy pavements to deliver the children to school (late) having forgotten Elizabeth's woolly hat and Katy's snack. Arrive home at 9.15 feeling like I've lived a day already only to find no milk for coffee.
    Praying that you find unexpected blessing in the middle of the chaos.
    Lots of love.

  2. ugh - so sorry you had the worst day ever!! i so understand and get it - those days just knock you for a loop and sometimes its so hard to rebound. It sounds like you had a good way of getting through though!! I too LOVE Victoria magazine.

    Sending you love Ginger and a big hug!

    p.s. I hope you got your coffee pot! ;)