Friday, October 31, 2014

Long Time, No Blog: a Daybook

I've missed you.
I miss writing, and I miss words, and I miss the faithful handful who respond and make me feel like I have something to say.
So today I am diving back in as though someone cares--because the someone who cares is me.

It's a Friday day-book--just because.

Listening to...the No Other Name album by Hillsong.  Does the Lord give you theme songs?  He does that to me all the time.  This album is the background music for this season.
Eating...brussel sprouts!  (Like, for the first time ever.  Brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, roasted at 425* for about half an hour.  I'm a believer.)
Checking...things off my packed fall schedule; one class down, just three papers left in the other, and I'll be about 1/6 of the way through this Masters.
Sneezing...ah...because it's time for my annual head cold--choo
Missing...a regular exercise schedule, teaching women's Bible study, my college girl
Untying...the knot in my stomach over this school year.  Knowing why would not bring me peace.  Jesus brings me peace, so I'll take it.   By faith, not by sight.

Stunned by...sapphire blue skies, leaves crowning trees like rubies and citrine and topaz. 
Say hello if you will!