Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday in January

Today in verbs:

Avoiding--grumpy teens

Convinced--that peppermint marshmallows should be around all year-or at least all winter
Listening--to wind whip around my house with ferocity--though not, thankfully, much cold.
Fighting--some discouragement over little things that add up and feel like big things
Anticipating--retreat team planning meetings, which are always sweet times of worship and preparation
Reading--The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes--after getting completely hooked on the BBC series Sherlock over Christmas.
Needing--a secretary to help me grade 100 Bloom balls (uber-cool geodesic domes used as book response forms; the prompts for each section follow Bloom's Taxonomy.)(That was completely TMI unless you're a teacher, was it not?)
Longing for: some time with Big Red with no wrestling-related interruptions; this won't happen until March.
Studying--the book of Matthew--realizing again how radical Jesus was then--and now.
Be blessed,


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  1. I love how creative you are with your posts and words!! I hope you get your time with Big Red sooner rather than later!!

    Have a great weekend!