Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scripture and a Snapshot: By the Light of Your Face

This post double-teams Scripture and a Snapshot (late) and Multitude Monday (early).  

I have always loved Psalm 44:3; I love the juxtaposition of might and glory, strength and beauty, power and love.  We have a strong God, our Fortress, mighty to save.  Yet, I can't forget that He saved because of Who He is, the One Who loved me and gave Himself for me.  We were studying in Isaiah this morning how the Lord did what He did for Israel for the sake of His own Name, His glorious Name.  He loved because His very nature is love.  We know what love is because He first loved us.

This morning we sang Matt Redmon's song, "10,000 Reasons", and I thought to myself, "I am writing down only a 1,000 of them," a tithe of gifts, a drop in the bucket of measureless grace.
11. girls laughing
12. praying with friends
13. Big Red speaking scripture 
(Gifts old, new, blue)
14. Mama's vases
15. Mantel sign made with my new Silhouette
16. Old blue flannel pajamas

17. frost
18. winter sunshine
19. Jesus Calling
20. Helen's blog
21. Praying for a friend as she interceded for others
22. Couch time with DD#2 watching Sherlock
23. Praying even when the answer seems far away--because God isn't.
24. new journal
25. blue skies
26. 1st cup of coffee (Have I said that already?)
27. warm bed, warm house
28. plenty to eat; freezer full of food
29. Christian book store
30. Vertical Church study
31. Making lemon scones
32. clean desktop
33. pictures of people I love
34. seeing Les Mis with Big Red and girls
35. windows


  1. Ginger, It is a gift from God to find joy in the simple things. You have done a lovely job capturing blessings of daily life.

  2. Beautiful photo and verse and loving your gratitude list, too! :)

  3. Beautiful photo! I love that song too and the reminder that I am so very blessed and the list of the reasons to praise God is so long!

  4. Though I'm no longer chronicling them on my blog, I'm still counting blessings, too. This was a perfect weekend for enjoying flannel pjs in a cozy warm home. His love covering it all- beautiful. Thanks for linking up with Scripture & a Snapshot.

  5. This is lovely. Thankyou.
    I have a lovely diary for writing my blessings and God-Moments this year and I thought it would be easy but I'm realising how bad I am at noticing. How a day can go by without me really opening my eyes. It's only a week into the New Year but I am starting to see how far I have to go. Thankyou for this reminder of the wonder of the big and small.
    Here's to a year with eyes to see and ears to hear, please God.

  6. Such sweet thoughts. I enjoyed my visit today. Have a Happy 2013! Simply God's Girl