Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting to Know You

Hello, imaginary friends!
We're home for a few extra hours today thanks to black ice warnings, so I'm popping in to say good morning.  
One of the trends I've noticed around the 'House lately is a lot of page views (yay!) but very few comments (so sad).  So today, I'm re-introducing myself to you, and I'd love for you to introduce yourself here!
My name is Ginger.
I have a sweet husband, two teens, and a messy life.
In the midst of our mess, Jesus lives. I love Him for that.
I'd love to visit England (Hi, Helen!), Scotland, and Australia, and would happily listen to anyone from those places read  the phone book.
I teach 7th grade English.  I enjoy my job, stressful though it can be.
My heart goes pitter-patter when I teach ladies' Bible study.  That's my passion.
In winter I, fireplaces, quilts, and sunrises on frosty mornings.
In spring I love...daffodils, tiny new leaves, sunshine, Easter,and warm breezes.
In summer I love...early morning, vegetable gardens, hydrangeas,and raspberries.
In fall I days, deep blue skies, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin.

So...what makes your heart go pitter-patter?  
Nice to meet you!
Be blessed today,


  1. Well, you know who I am and sometimes I comment, but sometimes I just lurk. Enjoy your couple of extra hours today.

  2. I am peering at you from over a pile of snow just cleared from our front door. My feet are cold and my nose is red.
    In winter I love... duvets, paperbacks, hot chocolate with cream on top, jumpers to disguise size of hips.
    In spring I love...everything. The return of the lighter evenings, bulbs, frost, blue skies, daffodils, greenness.
    In summer I love...the greenhouse, the long days, the long holidays, the seaside.
    In autumn I start of school, the oranges and reds and yellows, Ginger's Fall Mantle.
    Be blessed yourself, my friend.

  3. Hi I'm Loree
    Enjoy reading your blog. I am sitting here (at work) goofing off between customers. The sun is shinning here in North Texas, and it is a cool 38 degrees, In Cool Texas.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Hi Ginger!

    I comment sometimes too, and I'm still around/reading.

    My name is Melany. Fellow teacher, but I work with the little ones. I teach Kindergarten on Rosebud Indian Reservation. My heart goes pitter-patter when I talk about missions/the Gospel, or when I'm reaching out to the kids. That's my passion.

    In winter I love... coffee, tea, or peppermint hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. Hoarfrost on trees, moonlight on snow, snowflakes that tickle. Watching my puppy romp and play.
    In spring I love... lilacs, sunshine, the color GREEN, the promise of tulips beneath the soil.
    In summer I love... travel, friends, family, sleeping in, kids, camp, freedom.
    In fall I love...briskness and color, tart crunchy apples and hiking through leaves, pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

  5. Hi girlie!! I loved reading this, I learned a few new things about you - yay!!

    I would say a day at the beach makes my heart to pitter patter; coffee every morning and most of all when I am worshiping - really that really does my heart good!

    Happy weekend Ginger!

  6. My heart goes pitter pat at the sound of my husband coming up the stairs in the morning with a hot cup of coffee for me, at the way my grandkids say Hellllooo? with a question mark when they first open the door to my house. It goes pitter pat when I wake up and realize it's Friday, (the Hub's one day off a week-our date day), when I teach God's Word, when I hear Handel's Messiah, when I create something that turns out even better than I thought it would, when I am by the sea, when the sun coming through the window is what wakes me up, when it's cold, cold, cold, so I spoon up with my warm Hubby, when I write something that I know came from God's heart, when I cook a delicious meal, when I find the perfect treasure out thrifting, so many , many, many wonderful things in life that bring me joy. :)