Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ice on the way, so Thursday afternoon feels like Friday.
After yesterday, even possible power outages feel like a risk worth taking for a day without lots of people, particularly teen-aged people.  
Just sayin'.

On a (much) more serious note, I do, after all, have something profound to share about rotten days.  
It's profound because the Lord said it to me--a simple truth that changes everything.

This morning, in the quiet just-Him-and-me time, He spoke this to my heart:
"Yesterday left you feeling beaten.  
You have bruises.
 I have scars."

Christ has scars--nail scars--for that.  His wounds healed me, paid the blood-price for my sin.
You got issues?
Girlfriend, I've got issues.
He has scars for that.

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh.
    And all we can do is bow down.

    Thanks Ginger. Stopped me in my tracks this morning.
    Praying for you about the teen thing. I have all this to come, and sooner than I'd thought, I reckon.
    God bless you today.