Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Confessions and Over-Complications

Starting the year with a confession:
I over-complicate things.
If you know me, you aren't.
Like, for example, the Joy Dare.
It's a simple concept, and an infinitely significant one, but instead of just doing it, I over-complicated it.
Perfect font, perfect pictures, everything just so (are you seeing the theme here?)
Joy-collecting fail.
So, for 21013, I'm trying again, with just a list.  
A good-enough list. 
A truly grateful list.
That was the point, after all.
(And yes, I confess that I'm annoyed with myself for not remembering this on "Multitude Monday".  I'm letting that go.)
1. My husband.
2. DD#1 
3. DD#2 
4. Quiet Bible study in the morning.
5. Waking with a stunning sunrise after a good night's sleep!
6. Having a worship song stuck in my head, even on days when things haven't gone well
7. The sound of the heater running
8. Coffee pot gurgling
9. Orange yogurt muffins
10.Watching stars come out with Big Red on a cold night.

Be blessed,


  1. This year, I'm going back to doing my own gratitudes instead of using Ann's prompts again. While it was fun, I found I didn't record many things because they didn't fit with the prompt. Like your new blog look!

  2. Love your list, Ginger!! I, too, overcomplicate things. Grrr! It drives me crazy! I'd love to be more laid back like my man.

  3. Ah, I know where you're coming from. I haven't yet started mine - because of some vague sense that I'd missed so many that the list would never be perfect... and when I write it down I see how insane that sounds.
    I have a beautiful John Muir Trust diary with photos of 'wild nature' - landscapes and closeups and all manner of wonders - and I am going to make a note in its pages of a thing (or more) that points me to God for each day of this new year. Of course, my handwriting had better be extra specially neat and the ink a uniform colour. In fact I might have to wait until I get a dedicated pen...
    Thankyou for focusing me on what's real, Ginger. I am thankful for you.

  4. Hey Ginger!!

    Happy New year! Yes, just write your list and don't worry about the rest!