Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If I Tweeted

For the record, I have a Twitter account.
I don't know my user name and have forgotten my password.
The only reason I had it was to participate in a on-line Bible study discussion group.
Big, fat fail.
However, because I'm tired and surrounded by overwrought people and highly tempted to become overwrought along with them , maybe short bursts of communication would be the best idea today.
So I present...
Wednesday in Tweets 
If I tweeted.
Which I don't.
Because I'm wordy, not pithy.

5:00 am It's dark and rainy.  No time for exercise or Bible study. Boo. #sendtheark
5:45 am Teenager awakes on stress-scale at a 10. #DidImentionit'sonly5:45???
6:40 am Traveling to school in a flood.  Mom AND teen at 10.  #teensforsalecheap
8:01 am Explained thesis statements for the billionth time this year. #Needmorecoffee.
10:30 am Eating lunch.  Not brunch.  Lunch.
1:15 pm Fellow teacher shows me 10th plagiarized paper turned in this week. #becomeawalmartgreeter
4:30 pm Strange conversation with tax office.  Having strange conversations with tax people #unnerving.
5:02 pm Snow in forecast for  Friday!  Break out the hot cocoa! #Mustbuymarshmallows.
5:03 pm Forgot to post my memory verse yesterday-Jeremiah 17:8 #ClearlyIneedthis!!
5:51 pm Being pithy is hard work!  Should probably go back to long sentences soon.#likenow

Be blessed,


  1. If you start being a tweeter, I'll follow you. I'm in the same boat...have no idea my twitter name and password either.

  2. Ha! I have just started tweetering (@helenmurray01) and I want the rules changed. Why 140 characters? Seems ridiculous to me. I can't even limit a comment on a blog to less than 140 characters. How do you create dramatic.....pauses? How do you choose just ONE beautiful, elegant, perfectly apt adjective? Not got a succinct bone in my body.