Monday, January 5, 2015

Where You'll Find Me

This winter, you'll probably find me...
sitting in this chair...

poking my nose in a book
 (a little light reading for your January-Ezekiel and History of the South)...

grading lots of papers...

savoring sunrises...

posting on Instagram!  
watching Fixer Upper in 30 second intervals because that's as fast as my computer will make it happen...
hoping on a snow day...

counting gifts....
1001. Christmas break with College girl
1002. Good weather to travel
1003. Ham soup
1004. Organized cabinets and drawers
1005. Big Red  making drawer dividers just because I asked nicely.
1006. A savings plan after some unexpected expenses
1007. Seeing my mother over the holidays
1008. Some sunny weather for a walk
1009. Cat in my lap
1010. Tea kettle whistles
1011. An unexpected affirmation from a sweet new friend
1012. Big worship in our tiny church
1013. Plans for monthly craft nights!
1014. Our home in candlelight

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Scripture and a Snapshot: Flint and Diamond

Since Christmas, I've been reading Ezekiel.
Hard words for hard times.
Ezekiel breaks my heart and troubles my spirit and calls me to pray.
I don't take it lightly.

That being said, I am not playing fast and loose with scripture here. 
 I recognize the ramifications of this verse for Ezekiel, that God is preparing him for one tough assignment.

While I don't consider my assignment to be equivalent in the truest way,
 Ezekiel 3:9 still speaks to me as I prepare to go back to school as both teacher and student.

Not gonna lie--this year's group is one of those groups.  
The ones that come along every few years and make all teachers question their callings and lament society in general. 
 Individually, some are sweet, but collectively, they are trying. 
 Add to them some graduate school courses that look like doozies and my stomach sinks. 

When all is said and done, I want to have been obedient, even if I can't see the results.  

So I am asking for flint and diamond, 
a "forehead" stronger than their disinterest, 
an impenetrable wall to keep out discouragement, a shield for the battle,
I'm moving forward, after all.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Word for 2015

Ever got "taken to the woodshed"?
My parents used that expression when I needed an attitude adjustment--
also known as a good, old-fashioned spanking.
My word for 2015 is taking me to the woodshed again, in the most loving of ways.

When the Lord spoke forward into my heart a few weeks ago, I heard the firmness of it, the gentle yet definite push behind it.

Get moving, Ginger.  Go forward.

I love old things--
antiques, rusty, peeling-paint things,
 houses and objects that wear the patina of their age.
All those bumps and dings add character.
But then there comes a point where stuff just looks bad, 
when  treasure was really trash.

Somewhere along the way last year, 
I moved from treasuring memories to regurgitating trash.
Every regret or wish-I-had or why-couldn't-it-have-been threw me into a funk 
instead of taking me to the feet of Christ 
where all those memories belong.
Spurgeon found the answer:
"I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages."
Hearts aren't made to wear rust.
New wine doesn't belong in old wineskins.  
The bottom line is that I am a failure at a lot of things.  
I have made mistakes that can't be fixed.  

Only Jesus is perfect.  
Only Jesus can redeem a life.

I kiss 2014 goodbye.  I cling to the Rock.  I go forward.


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