Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So Much

When I was a little girl, the children used to sing a song that went like this:
   "We have so much, so much, so much, (hands spreading apart a little at a time; quiet voice)
 so much, so much, so much, (arms getting wider and wider; voice getting louder and louder)
so much, so much, so much, (arms spread as far as they can reach!; shouting!)
to be thankful for!"
It was quite rousing!  We liked it.  
It's an easy song to learn and a harder life to live, which is the way it goes.
This year I am counting gifts.  I think I will make it to 1000 by December 31st.  That's cool, but it only matters if my heart is trained to bless God in the process.  We can record on autopilot, I think, just as we can approach the Thanksgiving table tomorrow with hearts still cold toward Christ.  

This morning, my devotional asked for a bit of reflection, for me to take time to think on the last 10 years of my life and see God's faithfulness in it. 
What a decade.
We moved, went from elementary schoolers to high school and college,
buried my dad, moved my mom, went through two surgeries with her in a year,
 found our ministries in the church, left our church, started a church, 
went back to teaching, left teaching, went back again.
We gained three dogs, lost one.
Gained three cats, lost two.
Crazy, but no crazier than yours, I'd warrant.

And God is faithful.
In ten years, He's done more than I could think or imagine.
He is more than I thought or imagined.
David Crowder said it best:
"At the start, He was there.
In the end, He'll be there.
After all our hands have wrought,
He repairs.
  He repairs."

This year is full of nostalgia for me, but my faithful Father is nudging me along, 
gently but with definite firmness, 
because, while gratitude looks backward and blesses, it looks forward with yeses,
with the "Amen" as benediction and the "Our Father" for the journey to come. 
He is faithful.
Happy Thanksgiving!