Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday: Multitasking Post

Hello, Monday!
Hello, rain!  Lots and lots of rain.
Hello, return of cold weather.  Glad you're here.  It's your turn.
Hello, classroom.  Last week went by fast and fairly smoothly.  Could this week please do the same?
Hello, pastor search team.  Important stuff on the agenda.  Praying for wisdom.  
Hello, gratitude list!
36. My new favorite song (today)
38. Time in Starbucks to write some cards
39. Opportunity to serve on retreat team
40. New Bible study Sunday nights--a participant this time with several women I don't know well--good times
41. Talk and tears with a friend
42. Ministry opportunities
43. Big Red home safely from a brief trip
44. New watch--didn't realize how annoying it was to not have one!
45. Endings=beginnings

Be blessed today!
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  1. Sounds like busy, but fun times. Hope you had a happy Monday!


  2. I loved the song! I'd never heard it before. Thanks for sharing. :)