Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Gifts

This morning I woke up earlier than expected.
Out my window, as the sky burned orange over the pond, I suddenly knew I was looking my gift in the face.
Halfway through stripping off sheets, I abandoned the task.  I pulled on a sweatshirt, stuffed my husband's stocking cap over morning-damp curls, and pounded down the gravel drive.  
Snapping away in frosty morning air, my camera records the blessing, the moment He dreamed up in His infinite wonder and imagination to delight me, to lavish love on me.

I lap the pond once--my hands are freezing
--but with each step, I am thankful, thankful for the healing I can anticipate in the counting,
in the noticing, in the Presence Who always has been there,
even when I've refused to see. 
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  1. I love, love, love this! Oh, how He loves us! :)

  2. Beautiful! What a treat to see either physically or blogging. God bless you and love your mix of words and Word and photo.

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