Friday, November 8, 2013

Gratitude List: Little Things that Add Up

Jumping right in because there are 28 writer's notebooks awaiting my attention: (I'm not counting the 75 other still at school; there's only so much I can carry home.):
35. DD#1 okay  (Moms of Teenage Drivers need free therapy--not.kidding.)
36. golden sunrise through copper leaves
37. sunset (yes, I like those, too) bordered by the black silhouettes of mountains
38. peppermint mocha
39. a colleague okay after a serious heart attack
40. It. is. Friday.  That is all.
41. lost exercise routine almost redeemed by Friday afternoon grocery routine--hooray for Saturday at home!
42. when the Holy Spirit illuminates the Word
43. awesome teaching ideas to steal borrow
44. a few pounds gone
45. apple season
46. clean laundry
47. lying in my warm bed while the wind howls around the house
48. a vehicle that works
49. an unexpected, spontaneous hug from a student when he finally got a positive behavior report 
(This was a moment I needed to see this kid as a broken-hearted boy--not a just a punk. Truth.)
50. new wine--in a new wineskin

What's on your list today?

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