Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reaching 100 Blessings for Thanksgiving

This will be an unusual Thanksgiving at the 'House
--if for no other reason than we will actually be at our house.  
The weather this week has sunk our travel plans, 
and much to the the OCD teens' disappointment
 (and their mom's and their granny's), 
there will be no North Carolina celebration.
So, in this time of adjustment--heck, that's been our whole year--I'm reaching for 100 blessings and beyond.
From our house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
92. a Christmas project I can't wait to share!
93. chalk pens and black wrapping paper
94. snow flurries
95. listening to wind outside while lying in a warm bed
96. kneading bread dough
97. mittens
98. Christmas shopping
99. the smell of furniture polish
100. candlelight
101. homemade laundry detergent
102. bloggers who say what I'm thinking
103. organization--when I can manage it
104. watching figure skaters


  1. I so wish we did Thanksgiving over here as you do on the other side of the ocean. I'm saying thank you for you right now, and wishing you a very special holiday.