Monday, November 25, 2013

In Which I am Thankful for Cat Litter

One of my gift-counting goals is to learn to look at the flip-side of things to see the blessing.
That's sounds Pollyannaish (Look on the bright side!), but I don't mean it that way.
I want to see through the eyes of the sovereignty of the mighty and good God Who really does do all things well.
I want to major on majors and quit letting minors eat my lunch.
Take, for example, when an entire Chic-Fil-A mocha milkshake spilled under my car seat.
I'm thankful for the grace to stay calm.
I'm thankful I was on the phone with my sister, and her brilliant mind went into action.
She suggested cat litter (it absorbs liquid and odors), and I'm thankful I still had some in the basement.
I'm thankful I'm not the teen who needs money and therefore will be stuck outside in the cold today vacuuming it up.
84. Christmas music at the end of this week
85. updating my phone this week also--hopefully no more daily battery issues
86. warm house
87. baking
88. finding some gluten-free recipes that will help me feel a bit less left out
89. a week at home!  I love being at home.
90. secret Christmas crafting
91. Thanksgiving--my favorite

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