Saturday, October 12, 2013

Days 11 and 12: Wake-up Call

This week hasn't been steller.  
My attitude hasn't been steller either.
Yet, God has a few ways--very effective ways--of waking me up when I am sucked into the cesspool of the Pity Party.
Like, for example, reading this post not five minutes after telling Him that no comments meant I had no platform and maybe I was a failure at blogging just like lots of other things.
Ouch in a good way.
It's not, of course, that one day He might close down this blog.  He's redirected me quite a few times, some still painful.
If He's God--which He is--
and if He's Lord--which He is--
and if He's full of lovingkindness and mercy--which He is--
then submitting to Him will be 
a) what He deserves
and b) the best thing I've ever done.
It will be for my good.
It will be for His glory,
 which is the whole point of existance, yours and mine, anyway.
I had a pastor once who said, "God's will is what I would want if I had all of the facts."
Amen to that.
So after a week that I've let discouragement lead the way and I've licked my wounds at the expense of people right in front of me who need me to testify to a glorious God they don't know, today I say, Lord, forgive me.
Lord, teach me.
Lord, You have the right to rule and reign in my life and do whatever You please in the people and situations I'm in.
You know best.


  1. You and your blog, both, are special to me. Don't know what you are going through, specifically, but I pray that the Lord encourages you, blesses you, lifts you up, strengthens you.

    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend. You bless me!

  2. Don't ever think that you make no difference. When a blog post of yours pops up in my feed I always look forward to finding it. You have a special gift of expressing the profound in only a few words; of pointing me to Jesus when I'm all wrapped up in daily rubbish. Of saying honestly that life is sometimes hard and you feel ill-equipped to cope with it, and then I feel that I'm not the only one. That's a huge gift to give someone and I am grateful that He introduced us.