Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: Calling

After reading JD Greear's book Gospel, I've been rereading Matthew.  It's a simple book.  It's a profound book. While I'm no where close to the depths and heights and limits of this gospel, somefew truths leap out at me:
   When Jesus called people, they dropped everything and followed.
    He knew His identity, and He made it clear to others.  He expected them to see what was revealed before them.
   He had no patience with religious people who didn't recognize Him and didn't love God.
   Questioning His authority was a big thing for His enemies.  It still is.
   He leveled with His disciples. He told them the cost of following.
 He told them what to expect as missionaries.  
He told them to expect His death.
   He answered questions with the real question.
   When the weak and brokenhearted called out to Him, 
He answered with compassion.
   He always responded to belief.
    When all is said and done, He'll be revealed in His glory, 
and I will be on my face, 
and I'll hear His voice tell me not to be afraid.  '
   When my head is lifted,
 He'll still be there.

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