Thursday, October 31, 2013

20 Days

I'm eleven days short of my goal.
 It's okay, though, because this month was full.
In October, I have:
-watched the world turn from green to
brown and yellow and red and orange;
-finished a multi-year commitment nothing to show for it but tears;
-felt my heart be heavy, light, and heavy again;
-excercised too little and ate too much
 (Though, as much as I need my 5 a.m. routine back, an afternoon walk in open air saved my sanity more than once.);
-lost, won, and lost again at Mom of the Year
-finally started reading One Thousand Gifts, proving again that late by some standards can be exactly on time by others;
-focused and followed,
 which was, after all, the point.


  1. Oh friend, wishing I could offer you some real comfort for the hard things.

  2. hugs and more hugs - i hope you REALLY know how much I like you - your heart - i feel it and even thought I don't know what your ache is - I do understand the ache and pain!

    Prayers for you my friend!