Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 2: A Long Obedience

Her face and hands are crinkled tissue,
 webbed with lines. 
 Her shoulders are thin and small,
 and when my arms encircle them,
 I am reminded of my girls when they were younger.   
She has been on my heart for months, 
yet in typical 21st century fashion, 
"busyness" snatched my best intentions. 
 Over Saturday coffee, I make up my mind to visit her.  
I bring her zinnias, 
stand on a precarious kitchen chair to change her lightbulb, 
read to her from Psalms.  
We talk of old photographs and love stories.
She laughs, 
prays for a Holy Ghost revival.
She testifies of a long obedience, a persistent following.
Can one be shamed by her neglect and refreshed in her spirit all at once?
It was my favorite Saturday in a long time.
Be blessed,


  1. This is very special. What an inspiring visit.
    Thank you.

    ....and about the other thing - indeed, far away friend, let's get it done. :-)