Monday, March 19, 2012

11x4: Four Favorite Posts

Today’s 11x4 takes a trip down memory lane to revisit four “reader-favorite” posts.


1) Frugal Fashionista: The popularity of this post can be attributed to Beauty and Bedlam, the phenomenal site where it was linked.  Who knew skirts were so exciting? 

On the other hand, saving money is pretty cool.

(And it had comments, which are also pretty cool.  Hint. Hint. Winking smile)


2) Best Christmas Gift Ever:  My copycat version of a tee-shirt scarf generated a lot of activity over here; perhaps it generated a few copycats of its own!  Have you made one yet?  Easy-peasy.


(photo from

3) In the Night Watches: I confess; this post isn’t technically #3 on the list of most-viewed posts, but it is one of the top ten. 

Since it wasn’t linked anywhere, I have no idea why it gets read over and over.  I love to think some fellow insomniac searches the web,

stumbles upon it,

and maybe meets Him in her own night watches. 



4) Relentless:  It’s my favorite post. 


Be blessed, favorite readers!






  1. I loved all of your favorite posts Ginger! :):)

  2. It's fun to see some of your favorite posts! I'll occasionally take a look at my alltime stats and it's really interesting to see which ones have struck a chord with others - especially when they're unlinked. Thanks for sharing.