Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chalkboards and Cantankerous Cabinets

It all started with fruit flies.

As you may have noticed, 2012 isn’t exactly shaping up to be a stellar year around the ‘House,

so when evil INSECTS invaded my kitchen over the weekend, I can’t say I was surprised.

I was just mad.

Yet, there was a silver lining to my cleaning frenzy.

I solved the problem of the Cantankerous Cabinet.

Does anyone else have one of these lazy susan corner cabinets?


Does anyone else hate it besides me?

For years, we haven’t managed to store anything in it that didn’t fall off of it, and then I ended up trying to squeeze my head and arm around the middle pole to rescue the oatmeal.

When aforementioned fruit flies invaded, it was time for a true cabinet clean-out and a real solution to the problem.

Enter chalkboard paint

and a lot of heavy glass canisters from my favorite big-box store.

The canisters are wide and heavy enough to withstand the centrifugal force of a spinning lazy susan.

A little masking tape,

(observe the lopsided, so-not-measured squares; this was an anti-perfectionist project, and it is OKAY.)


a foam brush,


and ta-da!

Cutie-patootie storage!



All the little boxes and containers got corralled in some plastic shoeboxes I had already.  They aren’t a perfect fit, but they get the job done.


Is it just me, or is chalkboard paint addictive?

I walk around my house looking for other objects that could use a little schoolhouse-inspired cuteness.

So, while I was at it, I painted the lids of some small canning jars,


and organized my very messy spice drawer.

What else can I cover with chalkboard paint?

Kitchen cabinets!


Gift tags!

While I’m deciding, I’ll go spin my spill-proof lazy susan.

Be blessed,


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  1. I'm doing this! I just cleaned out our lazy susan and I realized how much I hate it! Yours looks great!

  2. I've been looking for a quick easy way to label jars. Love your tutorial and found it will be easy to do.

  3. Delightful Ginger! I do have a lazy susan for the spice jars and am constantly fighting with them. And just yesterday I said, I have to find a new jar of some sort so the brown sugar does not go hard! Great ideas. What a great find, running across your blog! Gin

  4. What did you use to write on the black paint? I have to get to the local craft store and ask a few questions!

  5. Chalkboard paint is addictive! I'm planning on painting some labels on mason jars to organize my baking supplies! Thanks for sharing! Found you thru At the Picket Fence.

  6. Love your idea! I do love chalkboard paint myself. I actually added some to a strip of contact paper and put it on the front of a junk drawer at my kitchen desk. I wrote ETC... on it. Posted about it a couple of posts back.

    Love simple tips.

  7. Great idea! My pantry is all plastic containers because of a moth invasion! xx

  8. Thank you for linking this up to my KISS party! Glad you shared it.

  9. Hi there. I haven't seen you "in forever". I had been reading posts previous to this and planned a stop somewhere - this is it. I love the jar idea. I have an old aluminum canister set that had some type of black design for the flour, sugar names. Your idea is great. I just might do that. Hey-I see you have a yellow bowl like mine? And, I love the chalk paint on the canning jars - great touch.

    Enjoyed strolling to here - been thinking about you a bunch. Miss visiting back and forth. Hope you'll stop by. I won't link my post about the yellow bowl - it was 1/12/12 - a Time Travel Thursday post.

    Interesting 11x4 - I was going to search for the initial post to read more but time's slipping away.

    Hugs & Take care - Jenn
    Rats- my WordPress ID won't work to post this - going for the old Blogger thing. :(