Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marching Towards Joy

I really do want to be a thankful person.

Some days I am not.

Some days I am a whiney person.

The 2011-2012 school year has been dubbed The Year of the Doctor’s Office around here.

I would like for it to be finished, if truth be told.

Yet, I want to guard my heart against the tide of frustration that has threatened to sink it these past months.

I want to reinforce the gate with thanksgiving, that I may enter His courts with praise.

3 gifts ugly-beautiful (beauty in the ugly)

Mud on my car—It means we’ve had rain we’ve desperately needed

Feeding tube—out this week!—but critical for getting DD#2 over the hump of her illness

Compost pile—What’s ugly-rotten will one day feed beauty

3 gifts from the past that help you trust the future

Perennials in the garden peeking up from the straw


Prayer journals tucked on a bookshelf

A gift dull, a gift shiny, a gift a gift cleaned

Exact change at the grocery

Silverware on a Saturday breakfast table

fluffy white towels that smell of bleach

3 gifts at 3 pm

Bell rings!

A few moments of quiet

A chance to go outside

3 gifts green

New leaves

favorite sweaters

Apple 3 paint

3 gifts wore

comfortable shoes

a new-to-me springish sweater

wedding bands

3 gifts hard to give thanks for

a morning by myself with the Word; everyone else was a church and I stayed home to nurse a cold

copious paperwork—part of a job I otherwise enjoy

a teenager asserting her independence

Will you dare with me to be joyful?  What’s on your list of gifts?

Be blessed today,



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  1. Yes! I am definitely with you on daring to be thankful!! Great gratitudes.

    As I blog both on Blogger & Wordpress, my Gratitude list is a separate tab on each.
    My Monday gratitudes have been posted on Wordpress this week (I will most likely get to copy the post on to Blogger also)

    Thanks also for your comment on my Scripture & a Snapshot on Blogger :)