Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scripture and a Snapshot: Continue

I am holed up in my basement today, preparing to speak in a few weeks at our church’s Ladies’ Gathering.

I am struggling, not because I do not know the Word for this, but because it is so very easy to miss,

to hear and agree but not hear and LIVE.

So I pray.

I pray for hearts to rest in Him,

for strivings to cease,

for grace to have its effect

on those women soon gathered,

on me,

on you.

col 26

Be blessed,



  1. I love the verse and especially the way the sun shines through the petals of your flower on the table.

  2. Oh yes - so much truth in this, and I can admit, even in my own life: to hear and agree but not hear and live. Thank you for that.