Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best Easy Christmas Gift Ever! (So far.)

Of all my projects this year, this one made me the most ridiculously happy.

It’s easy and cute and cheap.

What else could you want?

This awesome no-sew t-shirt scarf was the featured gift in the Best Care Package Ever (so far), recently sent to my niece, who is smack in the middle of exams right now.

You need:

3 old t-shirts—the more basic, the better.  No fancy-smancy rib-knit or fabric blends—use your worn-out sports t-shirts or the one from that vacation you took 10 years ago


Yep, that’s all.

I stole borrowed this idea from here; hurray for Blogland.

Grab your pile of old tees.


First, smooth out the first tee and cut off the bottom seam.  Discard it.

Then just cut the shirt into strips about 3/4” wide. (You’re not cutting apart the side seams; you’re cutting rings.)

I got about 10-12 per shirt.  You’ll need about 32-34 strips, depending on the length of your scarf.

Stretch each strip and watch it curl!


Here’s why rib knits and some blends won’t work: no curl!


Next, wrap each curled loop around your fingers,DSC_1364
forming a t-shirt coil.  I liked mine in tight bundles, but I’ve seen these done with looser wraps for a whole different look.


Line up your bundles in the pattern you want (I used another scarf to gauge the length),


and tie them together with pieces cut from leftover strips.




Ta-da! Finished scarf!


When I first saw this project, my thought was “cute but useless.”  Surprisingly, the scarf is actually quite heavy and might actually keep your neck warm!Smile


Total cost: $2 for one shirt from the thrift store; the rest were unearthed from the depths of our dresser drawers.

See what I mean?  Best ever! (Until next time.)

Be blessed,


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