Thursday, March 15, 2012

11x4: Stops Around Blogland

The inaugural 11x 4 list begins with a trip around Blogland.  

As my husband can attest, my bookmark tab is loaded down with blogs, so choosing four to highlight is actually quite tough.

In fact, I could probably finish this whole series in one post just by listing blogs I like.

Since I’m staying true to the theme, my main criteria were a) never having mentioned the blog as a favorite before, and b) eenie meenie miney  moe

A (Very Abbreviated) List of Four Fantastic Blogs 

1) Guilty Pleasure BlogJenny Evelyn Photography

Loving pretty pictures+having daughters means I heart wedding photography blogs.  DD#2 shares my enthusiasm, and we have a few we really enjoy.

  This gal’s  photos are swoon-worthy, and they make me homesick, Southern flatlander that I am.  I get all nostalgic until I remember she probably photoshopped sweat off the groom’s forehead.

2) Best Teacher Blog: Controlling My Chaos

Like me, this blogger is a crafty former Creative Memories consultant-turned middle school teacher.

Like me, she’s slightly sarcastic.

I’d like to work next door to her and steal all her great ideas.

3) Blog that makes me want to take a nap Inspires Me: It’s Overflowing

Aimee’s blog is fun and full of ideas.  Her photography series is helping me learn my way around my fancy-schmancy camera, and her amazing energy and enthusiasm make me want to get busy.  Right. Now.

4) Blogger-Who Could Be-A-Real-Life-Friend: Are We There Yet?

There are bloggers I stalk and where I occasionally comment; the first three fit in that category.

Then there are bloggers like Helen that I’ll meet one day in Heaven,

and I think we might run up to each other,

exclaim, “Oh, it’s you!”,

and start an eternity of chattering like schoolgirls over all the great things Christ has done for us.

Thanks for taking the tour!  Who’s on your list of four?

Be blessed,



  1. Oh my goodness Ginger! You are so super sweet! Thanks lots for your kind words, I appreciate you so much. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    XO, Aimee

  2. Your turn to make me cry! Thankyou for your warmth and generosity. I'll be looking out for you when we get there!
    In Him

  3. I'll have to check out your favorites...although if my google reader gets any fuller I may just become a hermit who is permanently attached to her computer.
    Your prayers for us on our trip to Ghana would be much appreciated!