Friday, July 9, 2010

Frugal Fashionista: The Skirt Edition

One of my blogging heroines is Jen over at Beauty and Bedlam.  She’s my go-to gal for all things thrifty, and all I needed to know about frugal fashion I learned from her.

Today she’s hosting a linky featuring frugal fashion finds.

This summer, I’ve refreshed my skirt choices with bargains from local thrift and consignment.

My new mantra: NEVER pay retail!

I had planned to model these outfits for maximum impact, but time and bad hair prevented this.  Use your imaginations, dear friends; these photos do not do these clothes justice.

First up, a linen skirt with gorgeous detailing on the bottom.   A simple brown peasant shirt looks great with it.



Ensemble #2 has fringe, beading, and shells woven into the border.  (It is also un-ironed in this pic—sorry!)




Both of these skirts are great examples of why size doesn’t mean much in women’s clothing.  The top linen skirt was a size 4, which normally would not go above my kneecaps.  The second skirt was a size 16, which would normally fall down around my kneecaps.  I loved the details, so I risked trying them both on and scored.  Price for each: around $8.

The next skirt is my all-time best score.


I can’t describe how yummy, heavy, and beautifully draping this lined linen skirt is.  I found it at a consignment shop for $ 9.

It’s from Isabella Bird for Territory Ahead.

Retail cost: $139!

Savings of $130. Score!

Unfortunately, I haven’t convinced my teen to buy anything but jeans from thrift, but I’m sold.   A little detergent, a little Lysol (for shoes), and it’s all good.

Very good for the wallet!

Hop over to Jen’s and be inspired!




  1. Love the skirts Ginger!!! And I loved that you linked up with Jen on this... she's one of my most favorite bloggers!!!

    I think skirt 2 is my favorite!

  2. Ginger - you are too sweet. I am so thrilled that in a tiny way I have inspired you. LOVE the definitely scored some amazing finds. :)

  3. Wow, that last skirt is definitely 'yummy'!!! Great find, thanks for stopping by my site and sharing. :)

  4. I LOVE these skirts! My 'tween and her friends love to thrift because it's "GREEN"... :D I am sure this may change in the near future, but I am hoping their love for the world will overcome their love for a tag! LOL I enjoyed your post!

  5. great skirts ginger! Your right about the sizing - you need to try them on.

  6. What a deal! I so enjoy thrift stores. My sister-in-love is the *queen* of thrift store shopping - the bargains and the quality the LORD gives her are amazing.

  7. Yes! Linen is a favorite fabric of mine.

  8. Love your fashion finds! Whenever I go shopping I always pray that I find what I need and that it be on sale!

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  10. Wow, those are great finds. Maybe I should start looking for clothes when I'm in the thrift stores.