Friday, January 31, 2014

The Less Project: Update I

Four unexpected days at home!
One would think I'd have used them to great advantage.  Heaven knows my mind races with possibilities every weekend of what I'd accomplish with an extra day at home.
Alas, give me a few snow days and my brain becomes cooked oatmeal.
Where were those brilliant ideas?
For the first two days, they stayed as buried as the grass in the yard, and I hibernated with a tea-cup and blog-reading.
Useless, I tell you, perfectly useless!
Yesterday I cleaned my house like a madwoman, paid bills, made a menu, all in a desperate effort to not be a shirker.
Today, temps are predicted to rise above freezing, and I may be able to venture to Walmart (shudder) and purchase yarn to give arm-knitting a shot.
So, instead of sharing snow-induced productivity (because clearly there is none),
I'll give you an update on the the Less Project.
My One Word for 2014 is Less, and it means, in part, less stuff.  
I've made some progress in the main living areas, starting with the bookcases.

These aren't built-ins; they're my husband's truimph with pre-fab bookcases from Lowes.  I can't imagine that wall without them. 
I realize they aren't perfectly styled, but they are organized into his side:
(Yes, I know this picture should be cropped, but Big Red is rushing me to the door for our snow-escape. )
and her side:

and the books are grouped by genre.

Then there was my nemesis--the desk area.

It took me two days to clean out all the accumilated paper clutter, but I managed to empty the bookcase, clean the desk, and create a much smaller and controlled mail-dump area by the back door.
Then in a burst of energy last weekend, I made this ever-so imperfect gallery wall.
It isn't quite finished, but it has lots of my favorite things already.   
Confession: I couldn't find Big Red's level (he has less projects of his own), so I eyeballed it.  I also reused some existing nail holes, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be done.  
When I escape from my snowbound house, I shall purchase glitter for monograms on the clipboards.
(Gold glitter letters were a teen request; we can make that happen. )
The fabulous sign in the center was a Christmas present from one of my dearest friends.
I blogged about that song here. 
The clothesline at the top holds my memory verses from John.

These are courting cards--mini love letters between my grandparents when they were dating.  
The original texting.

With the main living area of our home cleaned and cleared, I already feel like I can breath a bit easier. 
Here's to more less.
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  1. absolutely LOVE your gallery wall - i am anxiously awaiting a time when I can create them in my own home!! I love the keys and the old post cards - I love it all!!
    glad you really relaxed and enjoyed your snow days!!


  2. I love the sense of accomplishment of getting rid of excess and getting things's the getting started that's always the hardest part! I see your Mitford books on your side of the shelves. In my dreams, I'm Jan Karon, writing wonderful books in my older years. :)

  3. You inspire me to do something about my excessive clutter. Papers everywhere. Too many ornaments on shelves. Piles of filing, piles of ...stuff. I love your bookcases and your gallery!
    May your less become much more as the year progresses. :-)

  4. your gallery wall looks great
    and i'd say you used some time
    to your advantage

    thank you for sharing
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  5. Loved your post. I go in circles, more or less". I remove, think I'll get rid of something, move it back in. Around and around. Clean it up. Make a mess. Forget it. So, you've done well! And love your wall - I don't see anything unlevel. I reuse nail holes, especially b/c I move things back and forth. Oy vey! I know! I was looking at my bookcase the other day wondering, what could I do, really, to lessen the stuff. It's an unresolved thing with me. Just is. Maybe one day I'll get it. How neat that you have old cards from your grandparents!

    Enjoyed my visit! Say hi to your daughter. I stop by her blog every once in a while -but it looks like she's on to other things. Hope all is well w/y'all. Take care! Enjoy the hibernation when it comes - which reminds me ... when I stopped working I thought I'd get SO much done. So, you know, it doesn't matter. You either do or don't but aren't those off days a blessing when you're working? Enjoy!!! Love & Hugs, Jenn