Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday at Dark Thirty

It's Tuesday, dark and early,
and I've exercised (go, me) 
and made the coffee...
and school got cancelled.
Ah, well.
No sleeping in for me on our predicted snow day.
Instead, I sit in pre-dawn darkness and count blessings, 
a day late by Blogsphere standards
 because I spent yesterday evening
blessed by a long conversation with my best friend.
(She's also my hairdresser--long talks and fresh color for the win!)
 Regardless of the day of the week,
are you counting gifts?
Seeing small helps me live large.

140. snow day!'
141. heat
142. a good night's sleep in a warm bed
143. just a hint of flavored coffee mixed with French roast--yum
144. Lemon Cheesecake Muffins--'cause who doesn't need another lemon muffin?
145. watching sisters hug one another willingly!
146. long conversations with a friend
147. a friend who immediately "gets" your dream
148. the discipline of early exercise
149. watching God's people step up to the plate to meet a need
150.  Hearing my mother's voice on the phone
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1 comment:

  1. I love snow days...we've been snow free for way too long here...years! (Unless you count a barely quarter inch dusting.) This year is the second driest on record here in Portland. Our beautiful mountains barely have enough snow for skiing. I love that we aren't having our perpetual rain, but know that we do need it.
    Have a blessed day!