Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glorious Day

The pianist knew one speed: fast.

She knew one volume: loud.

Loud benefited one member

of that tiny country church.

Miss Rae was about a hundred years old

(at least she seemed so to me, a child still in the single digits),

and deaf as a doorknob.

That didn’t stop her.

As the pianist pounded away at selections from the Baptist Hymnal,

Miss Rae could hear just enough to pick out the words

but not the tune.

In a voice I’m not sure was ever melodious,

she warbled along at top volume

about two measures behind the rest of us.

Living He loved me;

Dying He saved me;

Buried, He carried my sins far away.

Rising, He justified freely forever;

One day He’s coming

Oh, glorious day!”

Every hymn was an off-key round, with Miss Rae taking up the rear.

Stifling giggles or (later) rolling our eyes,

my sister and I made fun of her


(at home, and in private, of course; our mother would have killed us otherwise).

When Casting Crowns recorded their new arrangement of this old song,

Miss Rae’s face (and voice)

returned unbidden to my memory.

I hadn’t thought of her in years.

Now, looking back,

I see sunlight streaming through windows

of that little church and hear her singing

and realize

how infinitely tender

those inharmonious songs

were to her Savior.

How precious

was her unashamed praise!

It was a sweet, sweet sound in His ears.

Be blessed,



  1. Just substitute "Leah" in the place of Miss Rae and you have my story. Can't sing worth a flip but I surely do praise Jesus through song. Music is my worship language in spite of my inability to carry a tune.

    Love that story!

  2. Love this story. My father would always sit in the back of the church and he had a voice that would carry through to the next town and boy did he love to sing praises to our father. I remember one Sunday morning singing away and thinking at what a sad day it will be when I can not hear him sing from the back of that church again. Here it is for me as I lost him last year and boy do I miss that mans voice from that back of our little congregation. This story reminded me of him. thank you so much for sharing! Blessings

  3. That was a blessing to read! Thanks!! Jenn

  4. Ooops did you see your follower count go up w/and w/o a photo? it was me. First, I couldn't get the photo to post, then it was providing info I didn't want it to provide. So, I'm gone again. I'll see if I can figure it out another day. ?? Jenn

  5. Love this post Ginger...the story touched my heart.

  6. This is an amazing post - and definitely a great song!
    I love your blog, and your heart for the Lord.

    BTW, thank you for the follow over on my blog :)
    God bless!