Monday, January 20, 2014


One of the things I love about photography is that it taught me to see.
Angles, light, shadow--pictures form in my head even when my camera isn't in hand.
Counting gifts teaches seeing. 
John 1 says "we have seen His glory"--
and I wonder, what if that is not just for disciples who saw Him in the flesh;
what if it is also for us, that with vision, we also could see His glory.
Lord, teach me to see.
It's Monday, 
and a day off from school (yay),
 and I am relishing this day at home and counting gifts.
101. Mama doing so much better!
102. frost so heavy it looks like snow
103. fire in the fireplace
104. Lemon Pound Cake muffins
105. a rainbow of fruit in a wooden bowl
106. my bifocals ;0
107. someone speaking His Word to my child--and she listened
108. The Word will win because the Light wins
109.Tiny blossoms on baby's breath
110. sleeping in
111. Jan Karon's books--like comfort food for my mind
112. the earache and snow that kept me from visiting Mama this weekend wasn't around when she had her surgery
113. Jesus made His tabernacle with me


  1. Love your mantel, love Jan Karon and want that cupcake recipe!!!

  2. I have a vase of baby's breath in my kitchen. I held a stem in my hand and marvelled at the beauty of it. Each side of the Atlantic, a little bit of symmetry. Love it. And I'll be collecting my bifocals in the next week or so. A bit worried that I'll fall down the stairs!
    Hope the earache has cleared up.
    May He rain down blessings on you, my friend.

  3. Great to visit your cyber home from over at Ann's......I love Jan Karon too, enjoyed your photography and reading about your gifts....God bless.

  4. Thank you for this recipe! I'm saving it now. I love your photos. I wish I could jump into the fireplace image and read my book with a cup of chai!