Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Spruce Up Linky: Planted

On this gorgeous summer day, I'm linking up at Better with Age to show off some of Big Red's gardening guru-ness. (guruosity? I make up words for alliterative purposes.)  
Big Red is on a mission to find unique planters.    I have to guard things I don't want filled with flowers, or he will drill holes in them and stuff them full of geraniums.  

Today's tour: the deck.  After a cool, wet May, we didn't get our bedding plants started before school was out, so things still look a bit sparse.  In a few weeks, they'll be lush and gorgeous.
 This washtub was my grandmother's.
Instead of dirty socks, now it holds dragonwing begonias and some sort of unidentified trailing greenery. 

The deluxe-version double washtub came with our house. 

 It holds perennial, bad-to-the-bone purple veronica, vinca, verbena, coleus, and petunias.  

Big Red used his mad bargaining skilz to acquire this wooden barrel. 
 (Purple flower: haven't got a clue.)

Gerber daisies love this spot of our house.  The concrete planters were on my grandmother's steps.

 This old bucket held everything from snap beans to bubbly car-washing water when I was growing up.  It's dented because, ahem, we have a 16-year old driver around our house. 

I'm blessed to have a husband with a green thumb!  It's a pleasure to look out the window or come up the driveway to a yard full of special objects and beautiful blooms.  
Garden designer: Big Red
Garden producer: God 
Be blessed today,


  1. Love the old wash ribs and all the metal! I just planted some stuff in new metal small garbage can type thi gs I bought at lowes. I'm hoping they will get a nice patina. I didn't drill holes in the bottom just gravel. I hope it works!

  2. lovely absolutely lovely!!


  3. Love your planters!! Especially your washtub one - that is so cool! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  4. Love these planters, and I especially love the dented one :)

  5. Lovely wash tub planter! Very unique!

  6. LOVE all of your planters! They're all so cute! I've recently started planting flowers in pots and hanging baskets and I'm loving my front porch, it makes it so much prettier! xo!