Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mail Call

I love mail!
Not junk mail or bills.
Just the good stuff, like little envelopes with loopy handwriting or brown paper packages tied up with string.
These are a few of my favorite things.
Over at Wifessionals, Kaitlyn has a love for the same things, and she did something about it.  She set up a Cara Box exchange, a way for bloggers to get to know one another and send each other real mail.
This month, I met Semirah at Sound of Charm and Chelsey at The Fair Fox.  
Chelsey sent me a box, and I sent one to Semirah.  It has been fun to read these young ladies' blogs.  Being the -ahem-oldest of our group, I admit I feel a bit motherly towards both of them!
Monday afternoon, the UPS man (one of my favorite people--whoever he happens to be--since my Creative Memories days) arrived:

(Packing peanuts build anticipation.)
This month's box theme was "At the Fair", and Chelsey did a remarkable job of finding theme-y things that suited me perfectly!
1. A yummy-smelling candle that DD#2 sweetly suggested should be hers
2. Pretty striped journal
3. Popcorn and these fun containers
4. I love this Aladdin cup and plan to go looking for more; it's double-walled plastic but with a fun country look.
5.  Isn't this great?  Jesus is the only "ticket" to Heaven and abundant life here.
6 & 7. I'm amazed at this necklace and earrings set because it looks exactly like something I'd choose for myself!  So fun and summery!
Because of the 4th of July holiday, today is the last day to sign up to participate in July's Cara Box exchange.  I definitely plan to do it again.  The new theme is "nautical".  Umm... wheels are turning!  Any suggestions?
Any other package lovers out there?
Be blessed,


  1. I so love packages as well! I love the mason jar cup, that is awesome! I participated for the first time, stop by and check out my link up if you get a chance :)

  2. Cute box! I love those earrings- so fun! When I saw the nautical theme I had a million ideas run through my head! Unfortunately I decided to skip this month, but I can't wait to see all the boxes filled with swedish fish, anchor earrings, ocean inspired nail polish, etc!

    Amanda @ Cats, Cuddling, & Carrot Cake