Monday, June 10, 2013


Look closely...
Peer around the geraniums...
and you'll spot a metal watering can. 
Last summer, it was full of flowers as well, but this year it's pre-occupied.
Come in a little closer (and ignore the dirty window.)
See the straw?
A busy mama and daddy have found the perfect hiding place for their little family.
It's under the eaves, buried deep in the can, out of the sun and rain.
She sits on the edge of the flower tub,
flies to the edge of the watering can,
looks around to see if the coast is clear.
(You can almost hear her thoughts- innocently whistling "La-dee-da, just ignore me.  No nest over here; nope, not a nest in")
Down she goes.

Now back up. 

Make sure no one's watching.
Be blessed today,
(It's the little things.)


  1. How fun to watch her out your window!

  2. Love it! HOpe the snakes don't find the nest. That happened to us twice. It is heartbreaking.