Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two on a Tuesday: Two Reasons

The intentional summer plan, in spite of everything, seems to be working.
I counted 21 of these on our butterfly bush one day.

The intentional blogging plan...well, it's early yet.
I have finished projects to share, some unfinished un-started projects that need accountability, but I have two very good reasons why there are no posts about them yet.
We interrupt this post with a photo of my out-of-control pansy, which should be wilted and cast aside by now in favor of summer plants.  Apparently it loves our wet and cool-ish June.
1. Still no car.  
I could elaborate on my research-obsessed husband
 (for whose research obsession I am, on the whole, grateful), 
but I'll skip the relative merits of Hondas, Hyundais, and Toyotas in this post.
Lavender in our garden--just because I like this picture.
2. Ladies' Gathering June 30
I'm speaking, and, while it's stayed on topic, it's going a different direction, and it's June 12th.
I've got my nose stuck in Hebrews.
And in Exodus.
And in Psalms.
And in Jesus Calling.
Oh, yeah, and in James--'cause Bible Study meets tonight.
We're needing us some prayer around here.
Amazingly, I am not stressed by all this, really.
It's more that loads of space in my brain are on overdrive, and that's slowing everything else down.
Make sense?
How are your summer plans progressing?
Be blessed,


  1. I would love to be at your gathering and hear you speak!

    Can I join your bible study?? :))

    So far, summer is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the slow mornings, NOT making lunches, staying up later and that the kids are old enough to sort of figure out some of their own stuff! Trusting Him that all will be well its a good thing!


  2. Sounds like a busy summer. Praying God shows up big time on June 30th.