Friday, June 1, 2012

Coming Apart at the Seams

Today has not been the day I expected.
Are they ever, really?
We were in the throes of getting DD#1 off on her first foreign mission trip 
(Hello: teen years are toddler years
and Big Red off to the wedding of a former wrestler who lives in another state.
Because of the mission trip, I decided that I wouldn't attend the wedding, and DD#2 opted to stay with me.
Big Red and I had coffee and oatmeal, chatted a bit about both trips,
 kissed goodbye.
I got a phone call about 45 minutes later.
Rainy weather.  Big curve.  Oil leak on the road.
Car totaled.
Big Red without. a. scratch.
Y'all, our car has no trunk.
The chassis is bent.
Had DD#2 been in the back seat, I'd be typing this from a hospital room. (Back seat wasn't crushed, but there was lots of glass.)
Had the car skidded the opposite direction, I wouldn't be typing this at all. 
 I'd be facing a funeral.
Big Red is discouraged about the whole money-insurance-etc. aftermath,
 but I haven't gotten over the sight of that car 
and my husband, unharmed,
 on his knees praying beside it.
Be blessed today,
(I am)


  1. Oh Ginger -- wrapping you in a big hug! Thanking Him for his mercy - thanking Him you were able to type your post!

    You are blessed indeed - thank you for a reminder that He is good!


  2. Ginger! I am so happy he is okay!!! Sounds like God was right there with him in that car.

    Thank you for the perspective today.

  3. Oh praise God he is ok. So sorry it happened but so thankful for God's protection. So thankful. God will provide the $$. Kristy K is right...thank you for the perspective today. I needed that.

  4. Thankful, thankful, thankful along with you that he is ok!!! Praise God!

  5. Oh my goodness. I'm with you today, Ginger. Lots to think about. Praise the Lord indeed - He has you all in the palm of His hand.
    Lots of love as you work through this one. x

  6. Hello, I am new here.. Perhaps God sent me? who knows? However, if we could but see, into the spiritual realm and see the angels that Gods sends to protect, we would be blown away.
    Blessings from the land of Oz.