Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

It's crunch time for getting all the thoughts swirling in my head on paper for our Ladies' Gathering, so this post is the cream-puff collection of what's been in my head this week.
1. Heard an anguished "Ahhhhhh!" from the basement.  
Found Big Red in the middle of septic tank overflow that invaded the basement.
No pictures, you'rewelcome.
Incidentally, my handy husband has figured out that he can save us thousands by fixing the problem himself.
Which leads us to
2. Sunday: Celebrated this cutie-who-can-do-anything-including-repairing-septic-tanks
and a special 13th birthday on the same day.
Note the ghetto-fabulous wrapping of these gifts.

Exhibits A and B of why this is just a wanna-be crafting blog.
3. Monday: Made a batch of chow-chow,

 leaving me with *just* eight more cabbages from our garden to use/give away in the next week.
4. Tuesday: Picked up this:

Couldn't resist modeling this shot after the 80,000,000 car ads I've viewed since the beginning of June.  They make me think of this

5. Wednesday: Admiring the flower awesomeness on our deck.

 The rockin' handyman hubs also has a green thumb.
6. Thursday: Getting serious with all this.

  You might not hear from me tomorrow.;)
What's up at your house?
Be blessed,


  1. Thanks for coming by my place and leaving me a comment, Ginger. Enjoyed hearing about your Sunday and seeing your garden. I like the idea of hanging the flowers against the wall. Hmmm...I have a wall out on my back patio...I can't figure out what to do with it because it's all broken up with windows, electrical box and cables. I'll may just use your idea.


  2. Hmmm, I might just have my eye on those two Hebrews commentaries....being that I am writing a Bible study on Hebrews. I don't have those two....may have to make a run to the book store or library. Blessings to you!

  3. What is chow chow? It looks yummy. Tomorrow...I will rest! Love your blog. =O)

  4. Love the comparison of the in your face dog snout to the ginormous hood car. It made me laugh. What a man your husband is, dealing with the pooh.