Thursday, June 7, 2012

In the Doghouse

Do you see these innocent looking creatures?

 Look at that face.  You have to love it.

Unless it's the face of a creature that dragged a trash bag from the neighbor's house and ripped it to shreds all over your lawn.
Said garbage was full of cigarette butts, dirty diapers, and coffee grounds.
These faces and I...
we are not BFFS.
Be blessed,
(preferably with cats)


  1. hahaha! You are funny!!

    Thank you for your sweet words on my post today! It felt good to post it; it was hard as I didn't know how it would be received - i continue to learn to just be myself! Thank you again for your encouragement and support!


  2. Our dog used to bring home the strangest things from the neighbor's. We had her 7 years and gave her to someone with a farm. A huge german shepherd needs room to run and explore. Sometimes I miss her or think of getting a smaller dog, then I remember the freedom of going and doing without having to worry about the dog. Does that sound heartless? I hope not! :)

  3. What sweet faces. I don't believe for one minute that such little darlings could commit such a crime. But wait.... there's something in their eyes, if you look closely... yes, they're saying, 'What garbage bag? Heh heh heh....' :-)

  4. I can relate.. my dog is like that too... I think there's a way to make them do that. I think we should train them not to make a mess with trash cans or so..

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  5. Oh the fun of having dogs. Makes me appreciate my cat all the more.

  6. Eew. Those are dogs for you . . . No class when it comes to trash.