Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Mantel

Part of our intentional summer includes  a whole Pinterest board of projects!  
Think we can do it? :)
We started with the mantel.
Here's Project #1 1/2:
Patriotic Rag Wreath made with a pool noodle.

 Start with a $1.88 pool noodle.  I cut about 7-8 inches off of mine to create a circle rather than an oval.  Just bend it until it gets to the shape you want and cut off the excess.  Then duct-tape the daylights out of it.  The clear tape here was just for sizing;  it popped apart seconds later.  Lots of strong tape will hold your form.
 Then cut your fabric strips.  I used about a yard each of the red and white, and maybe 3/4 of a yard of blue.  The strips are just tied on and scrunched tightly together.   Cluster five white and five red strips for each "stripe" section.
 Ta-da!  Thrifty chalkboard+favorite verse+red,white,and blue books= summery mantel goodness.
I love these mason jar candle holders. 
One down, about one million to go.
Be blessed,


  1. LOVE IT!!! I spy a Jan Karon book too.

  2. so cute! looks easy too!

    i love the red and blue books and anything in a mason looks nice right??

    Hope all is well Ginger!


  3. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! I especially love your verse on the chalkboard..I may have to steal that idea! :-)

  4. This is lovely! I'm thinking the red, white and blue might be good over here for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee too! Things are crazily patriotic at the moment. You've inspired me!

  5. A pool noodle?! Genius!

    (stopping by from Stuff and Nonsense)