Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mark My Words

Crafting summer continues!
This project is easy, cheap, and practical--at least around this house.
Can't beat that!
I spotted this multi-page bookmark on Pinterest, but I admit I just eyeballed it, so my instructions might be different from the original link.

You will need:
embroidery thread, twine, yarn, or ribbon
coordinating beads

1. Measure out a length of thread and fold it in half.  If you can, use the book that needs this marker as a guide; your folded piece should be a few inches longer.
 (You want some extra length so that your bookmark can stretch from Genesis to Revelation and still have beads hanging from the bottom.)
2. Cut as many lengths as you need to give yourself the number of page markers you want.  I cut two lengths, giving me four page markers.
3. Take your folded strands and thread the loop through the hole in the washer and pull the ends of your twine, etc. through the loop, creating a slipknot.
4. Now just tie your beads onto the bottom of each strand.

It's more complicated to write this down than it is to do it.

I love my bookmark for my Bible; I can have one strand in James for Tuesday night and use the other strands to mark passages for Saturday's talk.
These would also be great for your favorite college student, teacher, or family of bibliophiles who are all reading The Hunger Games at one time. (Just remember which bead is your spot.) 
Happy reading--and crafting!
Be blessed today,
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  1. Hi sweet friend! Thank for your encouragement and prayers today - i appreciate them and you more than you know!

    Blessings to you!

  2. That is a great craft! I love having a bookmark for my Bible that keeps multiple pages. :)

  3. That is a great craft!!! Very inspiring too....

  4. How did your Ladies' Weekend go??? Thanks so much of your comment on my photo and verse. You are a blessing to me.