Monday, June 14, 2010

A Winner

We have a winner in the Kari Jobe giveaway!


Congratulations to

Jenni R.

at shared from way over here.

Go by and visit Jenni; she has the neatest ideas for family life.

This name was selected in a highly scientific drawing by

The Birthday Girl

(aka DD#2)

(who technically won’t be the BG until Thursday)


(photo from Wilton of a cake DD#2 would love if 263 of her closest friends were coming to our house)


(photo from Taste of Home of Mocha Cake Roll, which I will be making today!)

We are partying hard with lots of middle school girls at our house tonight.

Would someone like to have a Motrin giveaway? 

I’ll enter, promise!


Have a wonderful day!

Be blessed today!



  1. Congrats to Jenni and happy birthday to the bd girl! Both cakes look yummy. But I am all for the drama of the bbbbbbbbbbbiig cake.

  2. Thanks everyone for the congrats! I'm hopeful that this CD is part of God's care in the season ahead. Do you ever feel like you get new worship music just in the time you need it? It's happened to us several times. Thank you Ginger!

  3. Jenni----enjoy!! Congratulations. I hope the Lord speaks into your heart using this new CD.