Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today’s Top Two


One of the lovely things about Blogland is the information I’ve picked up from reading your handy lessons.

So far, I’ve discovered helpful and inspiring photo tips, shopping tricks, and craft tutorials. 

I thought it might be fun (and useful) to share a few ideas I’ve picked up and learn some more from you.

Welcome to Top Two

where I plan to share two ideas that have really helped me organize/create/dream/cook/clean/or whatever.

Today’s Topic: Laundry!

Monday always means lots of laundry at our house.

Here are my Top Two laundry hints:

1. In the bathroom closet or laundry room (the closer to the undressing location the better), have three trashcans: one white, one off-white, and one blue or some other dark color.  Train your family to sort clothing into the bins, in our case whites to bleach, light/bright no bleach and darks. (If you understood Big Red’s track record for bleaching EVERYTHING, you would get why we are so specific!)

Then just grab a trashcan and there’s your load for the day!

2.  Which brings me to Tip #2: Wash a load a day, and take it all the way through the process—wash, dry, fold, put away—before starting the next one.  We do this with fair consistency during the school year and are lax about it in the summer, but it really does work to keep the task from being overwhelming.

Your Turn

What are your top two laundry tips?

Be blessed today!



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  2. Big A works on cars and gets really greasy. The only thing that seems to work on the grease stains on his clothes is if I pretreat them with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (it really does cut grease!).

    Also, I usually do laundry all in one (or two) days. I have one large basket and three small ones set up. When I fold the clothes out of the dryer, I put them in the basket for who they belong to... Bubby, Sissy, Chancho, me and Big A (we share). The the kids take their own baskets to their rooms and put their clothes away. They don't do a great job, but it's a start :).

    Thanks for the tips! I think I like your idea of doing a little each day...

  3. I am so with you on these two tips...both of which I already do. Makes laundry so much easier to manage.


  4. I am with you as well! I also spray my stains as soon as I can, and either wash a small load, or re-spray the stain when I have a full load

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! and my top two laundry tips are;

    1. oxyclean
    2. mini trashcan on top of the dryer for lint :)