Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paving the Road


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Yesterday, Big Red came home from a class he’s  taking with a personality test.

Called the Directionality Inventory,  this quiz had us choose words and pictures that described us.  Then we were assigned a color and a “road” that best described our decision-making style.

Results: A+ for accuracy. 

of course, we could have skipped to the end and found ourselves right off the bat, but what’s the fun of that?

Big Red is a Yellow (go figure), “paving the road with preparedness.”    Yellows are responsible, consistent, and loyal, and they are stressed by chaos.

I’m a Green, paving with reasoning.  Greens are competent, thorough, and objective.  They are stressed by confusion.

Oh boy, am I  are they stressed by confusion.

DD# 1 is Red, plowing ahead with excitement.  Risk takers, Reds like competition and are active, playful, enthusiastic, and creative.  External control  stresses them.

Amen to that.

DD#2 is Blue, on the path of politeness.  Relational to the core, Blues are idealistic, friendly, and insightful.  They are stressed by conflict.

With all these personalities, I have to say our resident Blue is stressed on a regular basis.

Our rainbow-hued home works somehow, by the grace of God alone.  I wonder if He looks at us and sees a Crayola box of blooms, growing together. 

Did you find yourself and your family on this list?

Be blessed this Thursday!



  1. Very interesting. I've never heard of this but I like it. After watching my husband take weeks to decide on a lawn mower he bought, I'm wondering where he fits. Hmmmm

  2. Wow, our family is a rainbow too!
    By the way, regarding Ree's fabulous boots, wouldn't it be great if I really could find them in a thrift store?
    Also, since you love the Mitford books too, did you know I usually read the whole series over again every year?