Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer


Summer is in full swing around our house.

It’s HOT.

We are staying up too late watching fireflies and reading.

We are sleeping too late (which means something different for the grownups than it does for the teens)  and, after breakfast and few chores, I look around and realize half the day is gone.

Every meal features squash or fresh tomatoes or watermelon or a peach.

We eat too much ice cream and drink too much lemonade and iced Earl Grey.

The girls pour over old issues of Taste of Home and plan some decadent new dessert.

It’s not that we’ve thought of nothing profound; our Tuesday night Bible study is digging into Jesus the One and Only, and I am pondering Selwyn Hughes’s thin but rich devotional on the Armor of God.

Big Red and I solve all the world’s problems over coffee on the porch.

I’m not sure I have much earth-shaking to write about this summer.

I think I might continue to be as fluffy as whipped cream spooned over warm peach cobbler.

I will, however, pray you have some fluff,

some watermelon,

a snow cone,



in each of your summer days.

Enjoy them guilt-free.

Be blessed,




  1. Ginger,

    Summer is def here and I'm ready for it to leave. Can't wait for cooler temps.

    Hey, I need to get my Stepping Up leader kit back from you. Email me or call me and let me know when you might be able to get it back to me.Thanks.

  2. Oh yeah, summer is here! Fortunately, we're able to capture such beauty as your photo above. Really beautiful and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.