Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo Challenge:Rest

This week’s theme in the Simplicity photo challenge is Rest.

Here’s my entry:


Unfortunately, this spot is not particularly restful right now, since it is about 95 degrees in the shade here this week.

The temps should make me nostalgic for my home growing up, where summer meant steamy days.

It doesn’t.  It just make me feel cheated.

Why does one move farther north anyway, except to get the benefit of cooler summers?

But for now we sweat. And nap inside in the air conditioner.

Party photos tomorrow!  Be blessed!




  1. I love this porch swing and your inscription:) Just want to let you know that I'm answering your question in tomorrow's post.

    Great blog - I love the green and your message - it's so refreshing!
    Becky - Clean Mama

  2. LOVE this shot! It looks like a very restful place. My husband and I used to LOVE to sit on my parent's porch swing when we were courting, it was our favorite place to talk and dream about our future together.

  3. This is a wonderful photo - I miss having a swing on our front porch.

  4. This is such a beautiful, peaceful, spot.

  5. i love the idea to paint words on the swing.. I love the swing.. I have a bench on the front porch but you have inspired me to get a porch swing

  6. I love the wording too.. I might have to tuck that away in my "the things I want, when I have a house" folder.