Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Less is More--Looking Back and Looking Forward

Happy New Year's Eve!
How was your Christmas?
We had a lovely week here, and I'm blown away at how fast Christmas break is flying by.
I will not talk about going back to school.
I will talk about words for the year.

Last year, I didn't pick a word.  
If I picked one now for 2013, it might be waiting.
Waiting for change I knew somehow was coming. 
Poised on the edge of something--something (or many things) I still can't name exactly except that I know they are there.

I gained.  I lost.

Yet, for this year, in record time and with no discussion, God gave me a word.

The God of Abundance gave me the word less and made me excited about it.

It will, as words always do, mean something else by the end of the year than I am thinking it means now.

Here's what I do know: it means less stuff, and it means less worry, and it means less baggage.
It means less of me and more of Him.

Less means lightness, freedom, release.

Less is an open door to more of what really matters.  
This is a lessoning so that abundance can come.

Happy New Year,

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  1. Ginger, my word is less too! You can find my thoughts on this journey over here https://nastephens.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/2014-in-one-word/
    I'll check in again sometime and see how this journey is going for you.