Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glory Revealed

Popping in briefly today--
home with my annual chest cold and laryngitis
 (and probably back at school tomorrow with said problem if no subs materialize soon.
  Pain in the patootie.)  
Between tea and naps, I thought I'd share our simple but sweet mantel.
 It got a few lights to make it twinkle at night.

In Isaiah,  
the glory of the LORD was a future promise.
In the gospels, 
it became the promised reality.
it is past, present, and future.
The glory revealed 
in the manger
on the cross
in the empty tomb
will be revealed in my today,
and we await His coming again
when all will see
the glory of the LORD revealed.


  1. this is lovely - i love your mantel - don't love that you are sick! ack! Praying a sub is available tomorrow!


  2. Amen! I love your words and your mantel and the beautiful curly writing. Most of all I love that we have a glorious, glorious Lord.
    Get well soon, my friend across the sea.