Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Creating a Heirloom

Quilting purists, avert your eyes.
I chopped up a quilt.
In my defense, it saved a quilt from near disintergration; had it been in terrifc shape I wouldn't have done it.
As it is, one pitiful quilt is now several heirlooms--and that's good!
We think this quilt was made by my great grandmother.
The pattern is "Drunkard's Path", but my mother--who was a quilter--and picky about this sort of thing--says that the pattern wasn't put together correctly.
I haven't a clue.
I loved that quilt, though, and it's been on my couch for quite a few years.
 A while back, however, I noticed that age was leaving it close to tatters in spot, and it needed to be salvaged before it came completely apart.
Answer: Christmas stocking for all the great-great grandkids.
(And the long-suffering, would-be seamstress, but I digress.)
Stockings are an easy-peasy project for non-sewing sewers such as myself.
Trace a pattern,
cut it out.
Right sides together.
Add a hanger from bias tape.
New, old heirlooms.
For the record, OCD daughter who detests all change with a purple passion
loves having the stocking but does not want us to use them 
because they are not the old ones we've always used.
Since she is a senior, she gets her way.
What are some of your must-use decorations?
Anything new?

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  1. The whole idea of cutter quilts makes me shudder a bit, but taking a family quilt that's a lost cause and turning it into stockings for family members? That's so much better than having it tucked away in a closet and forgotten!