Monday, December 2, 2013

December Begins

It's a yucky weather day in the neighborhood, but the soup pot's on and so are the Christmas tree lights!

It's time to keep counting:
105. sun through my window this weekend
106. the shadow of bird wings across the porch
107. the smell of mustard and rosemary on a roasting turkey
108. cinnamon and cardamon
109. and nutmeg
110. bare tree limbs
111. my mother's voice on the phone
112. knowing my sister is one of my best friends
113. knowing my niece missed my rolls on Thanksgiving
114. a plan for the Christmas mantel
115. Christmas music
116. seeing DD#2 develop as a writer who makes me cry
117. students who were really, really good on this first day back after break
118. soup in the crock pot
119. simple Christmas decorations
120. ornaments with a story to tell
121. visiting a church Sunday and not crying through the service--a change from the last two weeks!
122. a good word from the Word
123. a new phone
124. Christmas shopping done!
125. Advent devotionals
126. time to be creative

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful tree and thanksgiving list...happy about #121!